How do I clean small pesticide spills?

Use a spill kit to clean up pesticide spills and drips when they happen. Whether you buy or make a spill kit, your spill kit must cope with the worst spill that can happen with the pesticide volumes under your care.

  • Cleaning small pesticide spills

    Your spill kit must contain at least:

    • sand, sawdust, soil, clay, cat litter or vermiculite to absorb pesticide spills
    • shovel, broom and dustpan
    • strong bag for waste
    • label and pen
    • strong plastic leak-proof drum or box able to contain the largest pesticide pack you have in your store
    • emergency telephone numbers.

    Vacuum small spills of solid pesticide product using a high efficiency particulate absorption (HEPA) filtered vacuum cleaner. If a vacuum is not available use the broom and dustpan from your spill kit.


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