• Pesticides

    Hints on what to plan for to get the best pest control from your pesticide. Tips on how to take care of your pesticide.

    • Health

      Protect your health. Avoid contact with pesticides, wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), keep yourself clean and if exposure occurs, know what to do.

      • Knapsack sprayer

        Choose and use your knapsack sprayer for best effect. Hints and tips on how to get your machinery working for you.

        • Land

          Best practices to help you to assess, mitigate and reduce the risks to your land. Find advice on how to avoid common mistakes and on simple steps to protect your land.

          • Crops

            Learn why different spraying techniques are needed for different types of crops and that how you spray depends on the shape of your crop, its culture and growing conditions.

            • Stories

              Hear from growers all over the world. Listen to their stories about the problems they solve as they grow their crops.