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Adjustable nozzles


This video will show you the spray pattern and spray distribution of an adjustable nozzle. Click the play button to view the video now or click on the script tab to view the storyboard. To view the video off-line, click the link from the 'download' tab


The flow rate and spray pattern of adjustable nozzles are difficult to control and so their popularity with knapsack sprayer users is declining.





Adjustable nozzles have two main components that are twisted to open or close the orifice from which the spray is emitted.





A solid stream of liquid can be emitted or





by adjustment, a hollow cone pattern.





As with hollow cone nozzles, typical uses are to project spray of insecticides and fungicides onto and into bushes and trees.





However, any adjustment to these nozzle types after they have been calibrated for use,





will result in too much or too little pesticide being applied and a spray coverage that is likely to be greatly inferior to that achieved with a hollow cone nozzle.