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How do I dispose of pesticide packs?

Clean then store, recycle or dispose of your pesticide packs to avoid accidental exposure. Check your pesticide label for advice on how to dispose of pesticide packs and wrapping. If the label does not give advice ask your supplier and review the guide below. Always check local laws as to how to dispose of pesticide waste in your country.

Before disposing pesticide packs


Recycle your pesticide packs if you can. Many countries have schemes for recycling pesticide packs (see table below).

Pesticide pack recycling schemes

Australia Croatia Paraguay
Austria Dominican Republic Poland
Belguim Germany Romania
Bolivia Honduras Slovenia
Canada Hungary Uruguay
Chile Luxembourg Venezuela
Columbia Mexico  

Follow the rules in your country. You may have to keep plastic caps separate from plastic packs or you may need to shred plastic packs.


The FAO considers triple rinsed pesticide packs and clean wrapping to be uncontaminated. If there is no recycling scheme, check local rules to find out if you can use the municipal waste system.

It is not good practice to bury or burn pesticide packs though some older labels advise it. A better way of disposing of packs is to recycle.