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Nozzle size: spray mix/water volume rate is not known

You know which type of nozzle to use. Now find the right size of nozzle that will produce the right spread of spray drops for this spraying task.

Find a nozzle to test

In some cases, neither your pesticide label nor your local expert advises a spray mix/water volume rate. Choose a smaller nozzle size that is designed for use with knapsack sprayers. Check that it is in good condition. Fit this nozzle onto your knapsack sprayer ready for calibration.

You many need to change the size of nozzle (e.g. 02E, 01 Pink) if you find when calibrating that:

  • the drop size is too small
  • the water volume rate is too large (and there are too many spray drops)
  • the water volume rate is too small (and there are too few spray drops).