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Understand your pesticide label


Make sure you are well informed about the product you are going to use. Click the play button to view this short video now or click on the script tab to view the storyboard. To view the video off-line, click the link from the 'download' tab.


It is important to be well-informed about the product you are getting ready to use. Reading the label will identify for you, the specific hazards of the product and will help you decide on suitable risk mitigation measures. For example the description of risk phrase 'R37' tells you that the product can irritate the respiratory system. Plan therefore, to wear a breathing mask when measuring out the concentrated product.

Some manufacturers provide a fold-out booklet behind the label containing many practical recommendations. The Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS, also has more information and includes for example, the precautions to take when transporting the product or in case of fire.

View the safety data sheets in many languages at