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What should I check on my knapsack sprayer?

Check your knapsack sprayer each time you use it. Your sprayer must be safe for you to use and working properly so that it can apply the right amount of pesticide.

Before using your knapsack sprayer

  • Check your knapsack sprayer does not leak as even a small leak can contaminate you and your surroundings. Use the resources: view the video 'Checking your knapsack sprayer' to find out what to check; or read the script. Use the 'Knapsack sprayer checklist' to remind yourself what to look for.
  • Make sure your knapsack sprayer is clean. The smallest amount of pesticide that is left (as "carry over") from an earlier use may damage the next crop you spray. Consider using one knapsack sprayer for spraying herbicides only and using another knapsack sprayer for spraying insecticides/fungicides.
  • Calibrate your knapsack sprayer before spraying so that you apply the right amount of pesticide in the best way. If you apply too little pesticide, you risk not controlling the pest. If you apply too much pesticide, you increase your risk of exposure and risk damaging your crop.