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When is the right time to spray?

To find the right time to spray you will need to find your spray window. Your spray window is the period of time when it is best to apply the product you plan to use: it can be days or weeks long.

You will need to know the calendar dates between which you can spray and the exact day and time of day to spray.

Spray at the right time

The calendar dates will depend on:

  • the growth stage of your crop and/or the level of infestation
  • the life cycle stage of your pest
  • any withholding period or harvest interval stated by your label.

The exact day and time of day to spray will depend on:

  • the weather and in some cases
  • the pesticide label, which may also suggest a time of day.

Use your pesticide label to find the right week (and if stated on the label), the time of day to spray.

Use the 5 day weather and spray conditions forecast to plan the exact time of which day to spray.