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How do I clean my knapsack spraying equipment?

Clean your knapsack sprayer to avoid damaging the next crop sprayed and to help your sprayer last longer. It takes just a few minutes. We show you how in the video 'Cleaning your knapsack sprayer'.

Clean your knapsack sprayer to protect you and your surroundings

  • Protect the next crop sprayed: Pesticides carried over from one use to the next may kill or damage your crop. For example if a knapsack sprayer is used to spray a herbicide to kill weeds and then used to spray an insecticide or fungicide over a crop, any herbicide carried over is likely to damage or even kill the crop. Clean your sprayer to protect your crop.
  • Protect the perishable parts of your knapsack sprayer (e.g. seals and hoses): Clean your knapsack sprayer by removing corrosive chemicals.
  • Protect the next user: Clean the outside of the sprayer to remove pesticide that has leaked from the lid or drifted onto the sprayer during use.
  • Protect the storage area and anyone using the storage area: Clean your knapsack sprayer to reduce risks.