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Knapsack spraying maize


This video offers hints for better maize spraying and follows on from our video on spraying pesticides upwards.


These maize plants are tall and wide and there are very small gaps between the planted rows, making it very difficult to spray uniformly and safely when using a knapsack sprayer. As you walk through the crop you are likely to make physical contact with the sprayed pesticide deposited on the leaves and stems. You will also be spraying across and downward from a height above your head.





In crops like this, you will need to take extra precautions to protect yourself. Check your pesticide label and make a careful note of which personal protective equipment you should use and how.





Here the operator is wearing his sleeve inside the glove and taping the join. This is because he will mostly be pointing his arm upward. Wearing the glove outside of the shirtsleeve prevents any spray running up the inside of the shirt sleeve. Since this operator will also sometimes spray downwards, he has taped the join so that the tape will prevent any spray running down the inside of the glove.




When spraying from a height, it is sometimes better to use an extension lance to spray laterally and downwards over the tops of the plants.





Try and spray with any slight breeze blowing the drops away from you. Start spraying on the downwind edge of the crop then work up and down the rows towards the point the breeze is coming from.

Check your pesticide label for advice on good safe spraying practices, and view our video for advice on decontaminating your PPE.