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Spot spraying insecticides/fungicides with a knapsack sprayer


This video will show you how to spot spray insecticides/fungicides, using water. Click the play button to view the video now or click on the script tab to view the storyboard. To view the video off-line, click the link from the 'download' tab.



This video will show you how to practice spot spraying an insecticide using water. The equipment you will need is:

  • your pesticide label,
  • your knapsack sprayer,
  • clean water,



and personal protective equipment (PPE) as directed by your pesticide label.





In this case, to control the insects on these leaves, the label advises us to apply







10ml of insecticide in 20 litres of water using a cone nozzle. It states that all leaves must be wetted with the spray drops” and also says ..





“Do not allow spray to run off leaves” .





Before you mix the product, it’s a good idea to practice spraying with clean water.





Wear your PPE so that you get used to wearing it and can adjust it so that you are comfortable.





Some pesticide labels will permit the use of long sleeved shirt and trousers as dedicated PPE; a better option is to wear a coverall. Always wash your PPE separately.





This knapsack has already been cleaned, checked, and calibrated. If you are not familiar with how to do this, please have a look at our separate videos.




So with clean water in a clean, checked and calibrated sprayer, fitted with the advised cone nozzle, make sure that the sprayer is comfortable on your back.





Pump until the pressure is enough to produce the spray pattern you need. In this case we want a fine spray for insecticides/fungicides.





Now with the nozzle moving slowly at about 50cms away from your target surface, spray the water.





If you spray too quickly, not enough drops will reach the leaves.





This is the right amount.





If you spray too quickly, not enough drops will reach the leaves.





If you spray too slowly there will be too many drops and they will run together and fall off the leaves.





So just to recap, this is a good spraying speed and these are the number of drops that you want. Practice and get it right using just water.