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Spraying pesticides

Apply your pesticide with skill to give your pesticide the best chance of controlling your pest. This will also protect your health and the health of people nearby, livestock, local wildlife, soil, water, your crop, other valued plant life and the users of your crop.

Plan to succeed

Your success will depend on how well you plan and prepare! 

Make sure that you have the best expert advice when:

  • selecting your method of pest control
  • buying the right pesticide.

From the pesticide label and expert advice, make sure you know:

  • the amount of pesticide to apply
  • the spray mix/water volume rate to use
  • the type of nozzle advised.

Make sure that you know the best size of nozzle to use and also know:

  • the row or swath width or the height/width of the crop that you will be spraying
  • the right spraying speed
  • the best nozzle flow rate
  • the pressure of the knapsack sprayer.

Make sure your sprayer has been cleaned, checked and calibrated and that you know your spraying window. 

Make sure you know how much pesticide you need, how many tanks of spray you will need to mix, how much pesticide to put in each tank and you will know which Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to wear when mixing and spraying. Your spray area will be prepared.

Perfect your Knapsack spraying technique